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Georgiana Fields rocks! Crimson Dawn continues the Dhamipir saga in the Crimson series.  If you loved Crimson Dreams, Crimson Hearts, and /or Crimson Moon, you should grab your copy of Crimson Dawn. If you haven’t read any of them, why not?

This Dhampir series will  redefine vampire lore forever.  Come visit with Georgiana, Carol Shaughnessy and other GDB authors Sunday at  Georgiana will be on at 6 and Carol at 8.


The full moon cast an enchanting glow across the surf. Jenny tilted her head back and breathed deeply of the salt-brine air. She’d lost her heart to Royce Lucard years ago when her parents visited Wyvern House, the Lucards’ home in England. Jenny remembered the butterflies she’d had in the pit of her stomach whenever she caught a glimpse of Royce. She still got butterflies whenever she saw him. Jenny also remembered her heartache at thirteen when…

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The Cowboys of Clark’s Folly

A sizzling read for a cold night


The Cowboys of Clark’s Folly
Linda Nightingale, MM Mayfield,
MJ Flournoy, and Carol Shaughnessy

Four Western Romances from four different authors featuring handsome cowboys to tempt any cowgirl. The cowboys are tough but so are the women who tame them. Love—and lust—under the big blue skies of the Lone Star State. Welcome to Clark’s Folly, Texas, Ma’am.

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Excerpts and Author Bio’s

Return to Folly
by Linda Nightingale

Today Ash paid no attention to the natural stone construction or the black wrought iron and brass hardware on the stalls. He hurried to the open door framing a cameo of a pretty girl on her knees in the straw beside a sweating black horse. Trish’s wretched expression and the trembling hands stroking Jet’s neck broke his heart. If the stallion died a part of her would die, too.
“Do anything you can, Doc…

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Thanksgiving Memories

Author M. J. Flournoy

I came from a large extended family. We used to have big family get-togethers for the holidays. Thanksgiving was one of my favorite. My mother was a wonderful cook, but she had little patience with me helping. So, most of my cooking experience was hard won after I married. But, there was one thing that she taught me to make, that became the “thing” I always made for our dinners. Lemon Cream Pie, it was the favorite of my Uncle Sarge. He was really my mother’s uncle and my great uncle, but I didn’t care. He was the only one in my family that picked me as his favorite, so I was smitten with him.

Uncle Sarge loved my lemon pie. So, it became my tradition to make one especially for him. This year my little lemon tree grew four lemons, so I decided to make lemon pies. I thought…

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