GDB After Dark

Welcome to the dark side. Well, steamy, sensual side anyway. GDB After Dark offer a variety of reads from hot, hot, exciting erotica to sexy steamy reads. Our releases are more adult in nature. Our first offering is Book 1 of the new Drakken Brotherhood Series, Mitch.DrakkenCoverF dark sky

A government experiment to create super-soldiers gone horribly wrong–Commander Mitch Bolton must fight to save his mate, his men and himself from the mad scientist determined to destroy them.

The second release we have for you is Little Lies, from best selling author MJ Flournoy. Dr. Sara Chandler is on a mission. Zack St. Cloud former Olympic champion owes her a debt and the good doctor is out to collect.

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“You are certifiable. You realize that, don’t you?”

“Thanks for the vote of support.” Dr. Sara Chandler studied the shade of electric blue polish on her toenails. Her fingers tightened on the card in her hands. She couldn’t let doubts weaken her resolve. This was a one shot deal. If she wavered now, all would be lost. She leaned closer to the window gazing down at the sparkling water of the Roseville Inn’s Olympic sized pool three floors below.

“You’re really going through with this hair-brained scheme?” Dr. Carol Lester took a drag on her ever present cigarette.

Sara moved the cell phone away from her ear and mimed pounding it against the tabletop before she returned it to her ear. She so didn’t need Carol’s lecture at this point. Her chain-smoking friend had helped her come up with the plan, now look who was getting cold feet.

Sara pushed away thoughts of her friend sabotaging her health. She couldn’t think about losing another loved one, not now. She had to focus, to keep herself in character. It wasn’t like she hadn’t tried repeatedly to persuade her friend and partner to give up the cigarettes.

“How hard can it be to crash a twenty-five year high school reunion?” Sara fingered the white embossed card that had invited her deceased husband to join his class for their reunion. Her fingers traced over the familiar letters, as she read his name. This one’s is for you, babe.

Still there was a tiny niggling doubt at the back of her mind that he wouldn’t approve. Sara squared her shoulders, she’d come too far to turn back now. The debt owed would be collected.

“Sara, I went along with your cockeyed scheme when you came up with it, because I didn’t think you’d go through with it.” Carol’s words burned through the fog that had temporally cloud Sara’s thoughts. “But this is going too far.”

“Look, I’m bushed. A three-hour flight and a two hour drive, after several hours in ICU with a patient, has worn me out.” Sara massaged the back of her neck where tension tied her muscles into knots. “I have a few more things to unpack, then I’m hitting the pool.”

Her friend’s breath hissed through the phone. If smoke could travel through wireless she’d be stifling in it right now. How a pediatric immune-specialist could be a chain smoker baffled Sara.

“Call me the minute he gets there, I won’t rest until you do.”

“Carol.” Sara paced to the closet, thumbed through the clothes she’d hung. “Don’t be such a mother hen. It’s too late now, I’m already here and I’m going through with my plan.” She pulled out the little red dress and hung it on the closet door.

“Well, you’ve added this last little twist, and I’m sure it’s not legal.”

“Hush, dear.” Sara sank into the overstuffed chair beside the window and flexed her toes, admiring the way the early morning sun reflected off the blue polish. “Little lies, just sweet little lies. No harm done.”

“Yeah, right,” Carol answered. “Call me. I want to know e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!”

“Play by play, I promise.” Sara tucked her cell in the pocket of her tote. I can live my little lies, no one else will ever know.

She had given up narrowing down her wardrobe for this little jaunt and filled three large cases with all the pieces she could possibly need. Now she regretted that compulsion.

After she stripped down to her birthday suit, she pulled the new electric blue bikini out of its tiny little tote and slipped it on. Her fingers trembled as she fumbled with the tiny strings. She had to be desperate to stoop to this. Keep your mind on the goal, don’t lose sight of your target. Think of it as an adventure, an experience. From the window she checked the pool.

A lone swimmer stretched long laps across the pool. The afternoon sun glistened on broad shoulders and strong muscular arms as he cut through the water with the precision of the Olympic champion he was.

Oh, yeah, baby. He was definitely the one. Showtime.

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